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Josip Jelačić (1801-1859)

Josip Jelačić was born on October 16, 1801 in Petrovaradin, where his father Franjo was sub-marshal of the Slavonian Military Frontier. He was born into a noble family whose members were distinguished warriors, high military commanders, statesmen, priests, educators, benefactors and writers. His mother Ana Portner was also from a noble family, and in addition…

Battle of Vis, 1866

In 1865, the Prussian chancellor Bismarck submitted to Austria a proposal that Austria cede the provinces of Schleswig and Holstein to Prussia for a certain monetary compensation. At the same time, Italy offered Austria a thousand million lire for Venice. Austria flatly rejected both offers, and then Prussia and Italy concluded a pact on a…

The bloody council in Križevci, 1397

In the Middle Ages, the county of Križevci was the largest county in Northern Croatia. It had exceptional social and political significance, especially the town of Križevci itself, where sabors (assemblies) were held, the most famous of which was the “Bloody Sabor” or the „Bloody Assembly“.

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