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Marko Marulić (1450 – 1524)

Marko Marulić (lat. Marcus Marulus Spalatensis) (Split, August 18, 1450 – Split, January 5, 1524) was a Croatian writer and Christian humanist, the father of Croatian literature. He is often referred to as an ethnic “Splician”. He left behind a rich and diverse oeuvre, which is characterized by exceptional literary stylization, knowledge and skill, and…

The lost Croatian Queen Domaslava

In 2011, during archaeological research and conservation work on the church of St. Vid in the Klis fortress, conservator R. Bužančić came across pre-Romanesque fragments among the blocks of its western facade with the remains of royal inscriptions, four of them that can be interconnected.

The lost silver coins of King Colloman

The year is 1878, and the head of the Benkovac political district, Stefan Barbieri, is approached by a peasant, Pero Pavlović, from nearby Donji Lepur in Ravni Kotar near Zadar. He gives him a silver coin and says: “I found another 2,000 coins in the ground…” Barbieri looked at the coin, which looked a bit…

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